Professional Business Support Solutions

For Business Owners who Speak Professionally, Coach, Educate and/or Write Books

Blue Ocean VA is an Administrative Consultancy

Delivering targeted professional and administrative business support solutions, expertise and guidance to help you run and grow your business.

How Blue Ocean VA Can Help You

In order to achieve greater business success you need to focus your time on activities that produce the greatest results. Your time is valuable and best invested in those areas that attract opportunities and generate income.

This can be difficult if you are doing everything in your business yourself. To grow your business, you have to free up your time.

To free up your time you need support – strategic support focused on your unique requirements.

You want high level support without the added expense or hassle of hiring an employee.

You want someone to work with you in your business, someone who understands your goals, someone to keep you focused and on track.


Because Your Business is Unique

  • You will be guaranteed a high level of business support from an executive level PA with a diverse skill set and industry knowledge
  • You will work with someone who takes the time to really understand your business
  • The magic is in the relationship – the longer we work together the better it will get
  • There are no long term contracts
  • You get all this for one simple, easy to budget, monthly fee.
Inbound Marketing Certification
Professional Virtual Speaker's Assistant Accreditation
Professional Virtual Author's Assistant Accreditation

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